May 16, 2020

Dear Juneau Residents and Businesses

The Territorial Sportsmen, Inc. (TSI) Board of Directors has been discussing the fate and future of our annual Golden North Salmon Derby. The corona-virus pandemic has placed a question mark on all activities in the state, including fishing derbies. Some derbies have already been canceled. Since our derby is scheduled for August 14, 15, and 16, we believe there is a reasonable chance that some restrictions will hopefully be lifted or relaxed by that time. Board members have discussed various derby options with some of our long-time business supporters and we have been encouraged to continue with the annual event. Thus, our Board has agreed to engage in hosting the 74th annual Golden North Salmon Derby this year, although we have also voted to place a higher priority this year on providing a “fun-raising” derby for our community rather than a “fund-raising” derby, as a diversion from the impacts of the pandemic.

We anticipated and were advised that many, if not most, businesses are hurting this year, and donations towards the derby will be significantly reduced. Some may well choose not to contribute at all this year. We fully understand and respect that decision.

Reconfiguring the derby will mean reallocating funds to a broader variety of prizes so more participants can win items. While it is still our intent to focus efforts on providing funds for the high school scholarship program, it is also our intent to reduce derby costs to the maximum extent possible and shift the maximum amount of receipts towards derby prizes.

Some of the details on how we’ll reconfigure the derby still need to be worked out. Many things, such as the weigh-in stations, derby ticket prices and rules, and regulations governing the derby will remain the same. In the weeks ahead, we will keep the community advised of decisions and details of this process.

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this year and Juneau can enjoy a temporary diversion from the personal and community impacts of this worldwide pandemic. The TSI Board of Directors is committed to using this year’s derby as a vehicle to help in our recovery.

Sincerely, Doug Larsen, TSI President

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