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A Territorial Sportsmen Sponsored King Salmon Symposium

March 27, 2019

6:00 to 9:00 pm

Centennial Hall Ballroom #1


Taku and Chilkat River Chinook Salmon:  2019 Status and Management Outlook

The Territorial Sportsmen welcome you to this evening event focused on increasing the public awareness about the status and management of depressed Chinook salmon stocks in the Taku and Chilkat Rivers in northern Southeast Alaska.

The goal of this event is to provide the public with the most recent scientific and regulatory information available.  Current regulatory impacts on the public, and their justifications, will be presented.

Coffee and refreshments will be provided.


6:00 pm               Seating, welcoming comments, and introductions

Introductions:  TSI President

Introduction of Dan Teske


 6:10 pm              Update on Chinook Salmon Management in Canada

ADF&G Commissioner’s Office: Treaty Transparency

Ed Jones, ADFG Coordinator, ppt: Chinook Salmon Research Overview


6:40 pm               Update on Taku and Chilkat River Chinook Salmon Stock Assessment

Phil Richards, SE Chinook Salmon Stock Assessment Supervisor ppt: Taku River Chinook Salmon Stock Assessment and Trends.

Brian Elliot, Chilkat Chinook Salmon Stock Assessment ppt: Chilkat River Chinook Salmon Stock Assessment and Trends


7:10 pm             Break


7:20 pm            Changes to the SE King Salmon Management Plan and Its Impact On The Users

Dan Teske, Juneau Area Sport Fish Management Biologist

Rich Chapell, Haines/Skagway Sport Fish Management Biologist, ppt: Haines/Skagway Area Sport Fishery Management Outlook

David Harris, Juneau Area Commercial Fisheries Management Biologist, ppt: Commercial Fisheries Management Outlook


8:30-9:00 pm            Public Question Period on Management Outlook

Moderator: TSI President

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